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At Promoboxx HQ, we’ve been busy developing new features to improve how brands and retailers connect. After launching several campaigns – from Chevy’s latest “MLB Diamonds & Dreams” to Dabbieri’s “Retailer Pages” – our team is designing every co-marketing feature with brands in mind. Today we’re featuring three Promoboxx platform offerings that provide brands and their retailers with increased dealer-level campaign customization flexibility along with added consumer insights.

Dealer-Level Campaign Customizations

Retailers have always been able to submit basic information to promote their version of the campaign – from store logo, to location information, to contact details, and social channels. But what about campaign-specific content? Retailers asked, so Promoboxx delivered. Brands can now launch campaigns that allow retailers to upload campaign-specific photos, offers, and reviews that further personalize the retailer’s campaign. For Chevy, that meant allowing local retailers to add photos of their neighborhood baseball parks in order to draw attention to their community.

Added Consumer Analytics

Promoboxx now features additional consumer analytics so brands and retailers can view how consumers are engaging with their campaigns. By tracking consumer engagement alongside retailer engagement, brands can monitor consumer campaign views, social shares, and consumer lead data. Retailers can also login to their Promoboxx account to view their store-specific consumer insights.

Facebook Tabs

Facebook pages just wouldn’t be complete without their customizable tabs. With Promoboxx, brands allow retailers to quickly bookmark their campaign application directly on their Facebook page as a Facebook tab. Consumers can then access the dealer campaign page via the retailer’s newsfeed or Facebook page. To better understand local retailers, brands can view which retailers have installed the Facebook tab on their local pages within the brand’s Promoboxx dashboard.

Check back often for more Promoboxx platform features and insights. Feel free to hit us up with any questions you have @Promoboxx or in a comment below.