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Many of you have already seen the “Sh@t Sales Reps Say video, but I keep coming back to it as a guide for how manufacturing brands work with the local retailers who sell their products. The video is a funny industry insider look into how manufacturing brands use sales reps to better sell into local retailers.

As you’ll see, its an ongoing and often awkward sales process where brand reps work to get their retailers to pay better attention to thier brand, by saying things like “you need to rep the whole brand” and “my pen only writes in dozens” and at one point you’ll hear the rep say “my promo is tapped out.” Here he’s referring to the budget he has to help the retailer with marketing, mostly offline materials like point of purchase (POP), promotional materials (t-shirts, posters, stickers), etc. Retailers are used to getting help and free stuff from these brands often via their brand rep, so brands reps are crucial to the ecosystem.

The Promoboxx platform supports these reps in the short term and will improve the rep/retailer interaction in the long term. Promoboxx is the new promo, and we’re never tapped out.

Here’s the video: