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Here at Promoboxx, we know how important it is for our retailers to market their businesses online. However, we also know how busy they are. That’s why we work to connect brands with their retailers to help them enhance their online marketing efforts.

By using Promoboxx, retailers are able to opt-in to national campaigns and co-brand the content to highlight their retail location. Then the retailers are given quick and easy share tools to promote their customized campaign on their online marketing channels. Below are just a few reasons why a retailer should opt in to a Promoboxx campaign.

Top 10 Reasons Why Retailers Use Promoboxx

Retailers tell us that they love Promoboxx because with Pboxx, they can…

1. Highlight local branding alongside the national brand’s.

2. Access professional marketing content to share with customers online.

3. Drive consumer awareness of specific brands.

4. Create a more consistent shopping experience between retailer, brand, and customers.

5. Easily customize powerful, marketing content with more than just a logo.

6. Track success with the online reporting dashboard (i.e. visits and leads generated + how it measures up to other retailers).

7. Promote the store on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

8. Engage potential customers with targeted marketing content that is fresh, exciting, and constantly changing.

9. Sit back and relax by enabling Promoboxx’s marketing automation tools that include the ability to auto opt-in, and share.

10. Do it all for free. The brand knows how important you are to the equation of their product’s success, so there is no charge (really!) to participate in these campaigns.

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