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In the first two parts of this series, we talked about using email digests to engage retailers and using your Facebook Timeline to strengthen your retailer marketing. Now let’s discuss successful strategies for using online tools to execute co-branded marketing campaigns.

Co-branded marketing has long been an effective way for brands to engage retailers in carrying brand messages to their local audiences. Promoboxx makes co-branding efforts even more successful. Now brands can set up valuable online tools that promote brand messages onto retailers’ more localized social channels.

4 “Musts” To Building Successful Online Co-Branding Campaigns:

1. Must be very easy for retailers to join and implement

2. Must include an appealing consumer offer

3. Must be free for retailers

4. Must clearly answer retailers’ question “what’s in it for me?”

Today, it’s easier than ever to set up campaigns that meet these needs. In fact, this is the exact area that Promoboxx specializes in. In the past you either had to use very rigid approaches for co-branding or completely trust retailers to execute locally. Now you can recruit retailers, offer them choices, and manage the entire process to the benefit of both the brand and the local retailer.

The Promoboxx approach lets brands roll out campaigns that allow retailers to customize their participation and target their local audiences with national, brand-generated content. It really is as simple as clicking a link, filling out a form, making a few selections, and launching a fully-branded campaign.

3 Best Practices For Brands

1. Market to the marketers: A big part of your campaign will be convincing retailers to participate, to sign up, and to take action. It’s easy to leave this as the last step, but start here instead and you’ll design a clear roadmap for your campaign. Think through this part of the campaign to set the entire effort from the the perspective of the retailer.

2. Don’t reinvent the wheel: Setting up Facebook pages and landing pages on your own can be complex and expensive. Take advantage of the tools and experience that Promoboxx already uses for big brands to streamline this process by involving retailer’s social channels with easy set-up and sharing tools.

3. Keep promoting: Online co-branding is perfect for multiple “light touches” through email and social media. Keep in touch with your retailers and help them reach new levels of success (and you guessed it, Promoboxx is built to help you with this, too).

In all, online co-branded activities are a great way for brands to keep retailers continually engaged. Brands can focus campaigns on events, seasons, or any short-term promotion. Using Promoboxx means great engagement for retailers. And this engagement will strengthen overall brand marketing.