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We’ll be sitting down with Cassie Heppner, Timberland’s Director of North America Marketing at our upcoming Aligned conference. Cassie, a Timberland veteran of 8 years, has more than a decade of experience building brands and driving revenue through aggressive lead generation programs. Her experience spans multiple industries – footwear, financial services, entertainment and technology.

To say that Cassie Heppner is one of the most passionate, lively individuals that I’ve ever met is an understatement. It’s why I’m looking forward to introducing her to our Aligned attendees. Cassie’s learnings derive directly from her experience developing and implementing marketing strategies for national and independent retail partners to drive sell-in and sell-through.

Operation Refresh: Re-Booting Your Retailer Marketing

Why is Cassie Heppner so uniquely positioned to share insights on how brands can re-boot their retailer marketing? It’s because retailer engagement has been a journey not without its stumbling blocks and along the way — Cassie’s team has unearthed some key insights. If you want to understand the messy underbelly of working with your independent retailers and how to come out the other side with triumph in sight, then this session is just for you.

Join Us at Aligned

Learn from Cassie Heppner, Timberland’s Director of North America Marketing, at Aligned, September 24-26, 2014 at the Fairmont Battery Wharf in Boston, MA. Contact us at if you still need to register!