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One of our brand clients has historically always provided retailers with marketing content, both in-store and online. So, when that brand turned to Promoboxx to help better engage its retailers the relationship’s foundation was already there; Promoboxx just helped streamline the process.

The problem with providing a lot of content to retailers is that they might not fully understand what to do with it or how to talk about it with their customers. Should it be shared on Facebook or Twitter? How often should it be shared? What makes the promotion special? These are all questions that need to be answered by the brand before the content is distributed. It’s important to give context around the content, because if you don’t make it easy, you’ve done nothing but discourage your most important advocates (your retailers!) from promoting your product.

How did Promoboxx solve this problem?

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Promoboxx packages the content on a campaign basis, allowing the retailers to log in to their Promoboxx account, customize national content to engage their local audience and easly share it online with our checklist of share tools: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and website. Depending on what type of channels the client wants to focus on we will also provide instructions on share copy or what hashtags to use to keep the conversation going. We also send out weekly e-mails to all participating retailers reminding them that they should share their campaign again.

Content is vital to any online marketing strategy, but content without purpose is meaningless. Right now, we’re seeing more content than ever, but rarely do we see it making an impact, starting the right conversations and helping independent retailers boost their online presence.

That is where YOU, the brand, comes in. It’s great if you are are helping your retailers out with their online marketing, but make sure you are equipping them with the right kind of training and tools to succeed.