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At Promoboxx we are continuously looking for ways to encourage users to return and stay engaged with our product. Churn rate, or the number of users who drop-off and remain inactive per period of time, is a metric that constantly concerns most software startups. Over time, our team has identified several reasons why our retailers may not be logging into Promoboxx and regularly sharing content with consumers.

Here, we have tackled these scenarios by utilizing several tactics for keeping our users happy and active within the platform including:

Simplified Experience

Featuring a streamlined progression of steps that directs each user to the next action within the content sharing process

In-Screen Prompts

Responsive messages that point towards a solution or what the user is looking for

Tutorials and FAQ Pages

Embedding help videos or links to troubleshooting content right on the activation page

Textual Help

Displaying clear and simple directions and explanations next to objects of action

This week the team launched a feature to help our retailers realize when they have activated a Promoboxx campaign but did not promote the content via their online marketing channels. This sometimes happens if the user forgets to share because he/she has enabled auto enroll or is confused about the sharing process. In this case, retailers will now get an email if they haven’t shared content within a number of hours after activating. Within one day of launching this feature, at least a third of our inactive dealers returned to Promoboxx to share! These types of call-to-action notifications help retailers to not only stay engaged with the Promoboxx platform and participating brand, but ultimately with the end consumers (their customers!)

Retailers who activate but don’t share content receive a notification.

 Many of these new features come from conversations with the retailers themselves. As a young company, we definitely stress the importance of having one-on-one conversations with users early on. This provides valuable qualitative data that allows for the reiteration and improving of a product. New features like these then give us quantitative results that help to track trends over time and provide additional support for retailers using Promoboxx!