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This past Monday, our social promotion platform company Promboxx, was featured at WebInno28 in Cambridge, MA. The turnout was amazing and the positive feedback was fantastic. Special thanks to David Beisel and his team for putting this event together.

Each company was able to give a 15-word elevator pitch about their company. While figuring what to do with the constraints, we decided to describe Promoboxx with a Haiku. Here’s the text:

Small business needs social
Drop Promoboxx in local pond
Watch frogs multiply

Note the 5-7-5 format, action in middle and reference to nature. So, we’re not sure it explained what we do, but it got a nice laugh from the crowd. For the rest of the night I was refereed to as “Haiku Guy,”  which is better than “just another start-up guy wearing a blazer and jeans.”


ben at promoboxx dot com