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We’re big fans of Instagram here at Promoboxx, so last week we launched a new customization feature that allows our clients to launch campaigns with the popular application. With 100 million active users, we understand how important this new piece of functionality is, as it helps our brand clients and their independent retailers market better online.

How Does Instagram Work via Promoboxx?

We’ve made it easier than ever to incorporate Instagram into a co-branded campaign. As always, when retailers activate their campaigns via Promoboxx, they are taken through the enrollment flow process, which allows Promoboxx to gather the necessary data to create a co-branded campaign. If a brand client enables the Instagram feature, participating retailers will be prompted to enter in their Instagram username, along with the usual information that we ask for in the enrollment process (store location, phone number, links to their website and social channels, etc.).

After the retailer saves all of their information, including their Instagram username, they will be prompted to start sharing their photos with a particular hashtag. This hashtag is campaign specific and is assigned by the brand. From there, all the retailer has to do is use their Instagram application to take photos using the assigned hashtag. Those photos are then pulled directly onto the retailer’s campaign page.

Curious to see a real, live example of an Instagram-customized campaign? Check out Reebok’s current “Live White Hot” campaign below, complete with a sample retailer’s Instagram photo included below.