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Whether you are a sports fan or not, you cannot avoid the event that everyone is talking about in the media, radio, online publications, newspapers, magazines, etc! Most importantly, this sporting event is in people’s conversations from all around the world, of all ages.

It is actually pretty amazing how one event can have such a global impact. The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ is just about everywhere. It makes sense that every major brand wants to be included in the viral conversations of consumers and sports-fans alike.

Kia Motors certainly kicked things off right when it came to generating buzz around its 2014 FIFA World Cup™ sponsorship. Through collaboration with ad agency David&Goliath, Kia released a series of videos celebrating Fútbol, featuring Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima.

In an effort to generate more buzz around these videos, Kia launched a campaign on Promoboxx to some of its top dealers. The Promoboxx campaign co-branded local dealer information next to the featured Kia video series. Dealers were given tools to quickly and easily promote this campaign on their social channels.

The goal (no pun intended) was to include local consumers in the conversation. In Kia’s video series, Adriana Lima tries to convince American Football fans that, for at least one month, we can all love Fútbol! The ads feature the supermodel in a white Kia Sorento. “In my country, this is football,” she says to a group of American football players while holding a soccer ball in one of the ads.

American consumers are asked to weigh in and take a poll after watching the videos: Do Kia and Adriana Lima convince you that Fútbol isn’t so bad after all?

One thing is certain; whether you love Football or Fútbol, or you like both – or even if you are not fans of either sports, the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ has scored the world’s attention. It is safe to say that the teams, athletes, and brands involved will continue to win over the world’s attention until the games end in July.

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See below for a screenshot of what the Promoboxx campaign looks like! You can take the poll by looking up the closest Kia dealer near you with Promoboxx’s Brand View to weigh in yourself: Fútbol > Football? client kia 89eb6fe14548  3653