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5 Key Social Promotion Incentives

Humans move little without incentive, basic human motivation can be applied to social promotional marketing. Finding that incentive is essential to a kick-ass promotion. The incentive must be so good that your customers will be compelled to share the it with others.

Here’s a list of 5 key incentives that motivate and encourage social sharing:

1. The Great Deal

Nothing is more powerful than this tried-and-true promotional tactic. By offering a deal (ex. 20% off) you’ll not only drive sales, but the right deal will have customers sharing the deal with others. Who doesn’t have that deal-trumpeting relative who says “you’ll never believe the deal I got” nor “did you see that coupon”?  Tread carefully however, overusing this promotion can cause price erosion.

2. The Gamble

For those who doubt the seductive power of the sweepstakes need only walk into a Vegas casino. Humans love chance, the hope of winning, and the thrill of being the winner. Crown a winner of a $4 t-shirt and you have a social promotion advocate for life. Better yet, offer the losers a 10% off consolation prize and everyone’s happy.

3. The Almighty FREE

If you can afford it, give some away, and your promotions will spread like fire. Ok, getting someone to agree to free is easier than getting them to reach into their wallets for cash. But by getting them to register, you’ve got a pseudo-customer, which is one step closer to a real one.

4. The Invitation

Offer an invitation to exclusive event and people will jump quicker to register. Give the registrant the “privilege” to invite others and you’ve created a social promotion marketing powerhouse.

5. The Winner

Contests might not lead to immediate business, but if you give a new Cannon Digital SLR to the winner of your photo contest, you’ll not only have a near-stalker brand advocate for life, but you’ll have those losers chomping at the bit for your next promotion. To take it up a notch, introduce social voting and they’ll be sending your promotion to friends and family to help stuff those ballot boxes.

Updated by Ashleigh Anderson April 2022.