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The Nutro Company Kick Starts Their Retailers’ Social Media Efforts

This month, Promoboxx worked with The Nutro Company to bring their retailers another installment of localized digital marketing content, centered around their high end pet food line, Ultra™.

Promoboxx and The Nutro Company created two campaigns to run throughout the month of May, “Picnic Etiquette,” and “A Taste of Summer.” The two campaigns complement each other to deliver retailers a balance of promotional and educational, loyalty-building content to share on their online channels including Facebook, Twitter and via email.

As the majority of pet food retailers are just starting to explore online marketing and social media for their businesses, these campaigns are critical in kick starting their efforts. By providing their retailers with professional and co-branded digital content in a turnkey manner, The Nutro Company can penetrate local markets, while simultaneously strengthening the relationship with their retailers by arming them with the necessary tools to be successful in online marketing.