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Promoboxx Team Checks Out Timberland’s Hazel Highway Collection, Exclusively Sold Through Local Retailers

“The road less traveled often leads to the unexpected.”

These words mark Hazel Highway, the latest and greatest campaign by Timberland that was inspired by the brand’s industrial roots and work heritage. Aptly named for the hazel-colored boots it showcases, the campaign tells the story of the protagonist Eli, who, in an effort to find himself, embarks on a journey through the urban and scenic landscapes of I-95.

In the spirit of the campaign, the Hazel Highway collection is only sold at local retail locations along the I-95 route. Just as Eli adventures through the overlooked treasures of Middlesex and Chesapeake, our team was inspired to launch our own journey in search of boots from our local Promoboxx Timberland retailers.

My own search led me to local Boston business Thom Brown, who has been selling Timberland boots for as long as they have been in business –about 25 years. Founder and manager, Thom Brown, and his son, Jason Brown, always have focused on selling brands that are home to New England. It’s clear I came to the right place, as sales associate Wendy sold me the same boots she was wearing. It pays off to have local retailers who support and stand by your brand!


Wendy of Thom Brown and I showing off our Earthkeepers boots.



Check out the rest of our team and their own local shopping experiences…


“I feel local retailers are more passionate and educated about the products they sell. They are always eager to pass that information along to the consumer to help them make the best (unbiased) decision for their needs. I often find that having loyal customers are always more important than a quick sale.”  –Dan Koziak





“My favorite part was hearing about the retailer’s own first hand experience with products. I received a personalized recommendation that I couldn’t get anywhere else.”  –Jennifer Jermantowicz







“I loved shopping at Thom Brown as they have a really unique selection of great shoes that I would never find at a big department store. I told Wendy, the salesperson, about what we were doing and she mentioned how Thom Brown tries to do everything they can to support local businesses. What goes around comes around, right?”  –Taylor Carr


IMG_4986 (1)



“One of the best parts of shopping at local retailers is the fantastic service and personalized customer experience. I got to chat with Stephanie, one of the store managers, and she told me how Eliza Dushko (Bring It On) found her pair of Timberland Yellow Boots at their store a few weeks ago. How cool is that?” –Kelly Kressner







“I almost never shop online for shoes. I want to walk around in them, see if they are comfortable, and see how they look on me. That’s what is great about local retailers –online shopping doesn’t provide that experience. The Tannery on Boylston is a trendy store, so if you’re not comfortable wearing the shoes in that store, you probably won’t feel comfortable anywhere else. The staff help you decide whether something looks good on you and that advice is invaluable.”  –Ben McBratney




“As someone who helps brands support their local retailers, it’s amazing to also see retailers who support their local brands. Founded in New York City as a ‘designer and manufacturer of fashion footwear biz,’ Thom Brown has been focused supporting and promoting local brands for more than four decades!”  -Sonciary Honnoll 




Learn more about the Hazel Highway campaign and how Timberland was able to support it’s local retailers and reach a wider customer base with Promoboxx.