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The Surprising Secret to Appliance Marketing

Appliance marketers have a tough job. Let’s face it: no one looks forward to appliance shopping. After all, appliances are expensive, and not exactly the sexiest big ticket items. There are so many stores, brands, and product features to choose from – it’s difficult for consumers to know where or how to start their search. Harder still, data gathered by Deloitte shows home furnishings and appliances as the top two digitally influenced industries, so the need to make an impression online is huge. The study further showed “that conversion rates rise when consumers use digital devices before or during the shopping process.” So… how does an appliance manufacturer cut through the noise to reach their customers?

The secret is simple, and it starts with your dealers: If dealers like you as a brand, they will promote you to their customers. If dealers promote your brand, consumers will buy it.

Easy as that.

Of course, the likability part is the key here. How can a brand be likable? How do you even know if dealers like you in the first place?

1. Don’t just ask, listen. Promoboxx asks retailers upon registration what types of content they prefer to promote, allowing their brands to launch targeted campaigns tailored to their retailers’ interests. Retailers therefore know that each campaign invitation they receive is worthwhile, and are that much more likely to take the time to promote your content on their channels as a result.

It’s also essential to survey your dealers and ask how they feel about anything and everything that involves their relationship with your brand. Then act on it and actually do something with that valuable information! Do dealers want different types of content? Give it to them. Do they find your ordering process convoluted? Fix it. You’ll be surprised how much feedback dealers have, and how some small tweaks can make a big difference, both to them and your bottom line.

2. Be accessible. If you make working with you as easy as possible, you’ll end up with a loyal fan base. For example, Electrolux Major Appliances makes a point to be “digitally available,” allowing them to have a significant advantage over other manufacturers when a dealer goes to share content online. An Electrolux dealer knows that all they have to do is log in to Promoboxx to access a suite of multi-channel content and reporting for free, rendering their content the natural choice. If your content is the easiest to promote, dealers will be shouting your message from the rooftops in no time.

Check out the following examples of how Electrolux creates content to suit the needs of all of their dealers. Videos, images, promotional, lifestyle… dealers know they can rely on Electrolux to respond to their marketing requests, and Electrolux knows that to get promoted they need to make it as easy as possible for dealers to access their content.

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Engaged retailers = more customers

So how are consumers going to end up choosing your brand after all of this? To recap, dealers will promote what they like, and they’ll like how easy you make their job. When a consumer sees how often the dealer is promoting your brand, the decision will seem less cloudy. Luckily, it’s not just dealers that like things to be easy. Consumers want to be guided to the right decision by an expert, and who better than the dealer, who lives and breathes appliances all day? The next time that customer asks which induction range is right for them, you can bet it will one of yours.

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