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The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2011

With the New Year rapidly approaching, there’s a flurry of “best ofs” going around. Did you catch Katie Courics’ Best Stories of the Year: 2011? After viewing, I decided to end the year on a “marketing high note” by asking my team to vote on the best campaigns of 2011. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say “best,” but instead, the ones that we happened to like the most. Either way, here are the results:

1. Social Media Marketing
This one goes to CPG Brand Mountain Dew, a product of Pepsi. Mountain Dew is offering their fans Facebook Timeline cover photos in exchange for “Likes.”  They’re capitalizing on the latest functionality (Timeline) by social media powerhouse Facebook and using it to their marketing and promotional advantage. Way to stay on top of the latest trends, you’re my boy Dew!

Mountain Dew Skins for Facebook Timeline


2. Brand Marketing
We have to agree with the many other bloggers that named Coca-Cola as #1 in Brand Marketing. Coca-Cola covers every part of their branding and they do it very well. They’ve been capitalizing on branding since 1928 when they first sponsored the Olympics in Amsterdam and have been a sponsor ever since. More recently, they’ve even ventured into the philanthropic realm by branding themselves while protecting the Arctic Polar Bears (somewhat of a Coca-Cola mascot). They have all of the marketing bases covered! Um, except when it comes to promoting their own retailers. 😉

Coca-Cola: Support the Arctic Polar Bear

3. Localized Marketing
Our next winner is the bike brand, Linus Bike, in cooperation with their entire base of 150 local retailers. This example is with Rage Cycles, a bike store located in sunny Scottsdale, AZ . They really “get” localized marketing and all of its potential!

Linus Bikes teams up with local retailer Rage Cycles


4. Digital Media Marketing
Locally, Welch’s won the MITX Interactive Awards in Boston for ”People’s Choice for Best Digital Marketing From a Local Brand.”  But, on a National scale,  we vie for luxury brand, Kate Spade, who has grown globally with massively successful digital campaigns in 2011 seeded on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Props to their marketing team…and their products aren’t too shabby either. 

Kate Spade leads to numerous Digital Media sources


5. Co-Branded Marketing
We’re going back to a previous blog post on this one, we think Vitamin Water and Tedsechi Food Shops did a great job attracting attention to their new product in MBTA’s Harvard Square station. This co-branded promotion is for Vitamin Water, specifically for its new “Glow” flavor. The partner in this example is Tedeschi Food Shops, a local retailer that sells Vitamin Water. One thing: Vitamin Water forgot to highlight a specific local dealer on the advertisement. It’s left up to the consumers to locate the nearest Tedeschi store. Bit of a missed opportunity, but we still love them.

Vitamin Water can be found at Tedeschi Food Shops


6. Mobile Marketing
For our final category, Mobile Marketing, we think Target’s mobile application and marketing does it best with everything from the Target shopping lists to the Target price comparison tool. They are making things easier on their shoppers while increasing consumer awareness of their brands. Bullseye!

Target Mobile Application

One thing’s certain, 2011 has been an interesting year with marketing, social media, and technology ever-evolving. We look forward to sharing new trends, platform info, and many more exciting items on the Promoboxx blog with you in 2012. Happy New Year!