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Building Up Brick-and-Mortar
Therapedic Provides Retailers with Digital Marketing Support

Therapedic understands the impact of local retailers and the importance of setting them up for success. After all, who doesn’t want to try out a bed before buying?

We love to work with brands like Therapedic that share our value of believing in retailers. Recently, Therapedic was featured in BedTimes Magazine where they discussed their continued focus on supporting their retail network. Promoboxx is proud to be a part of that strategy!

Therapedic, who has been a Promoboxx user since June 2018, has focused on not only increasing their own online presence but in turn, that of retail partners. As a part of this, Therapedic has developed a new program of digital marketing that provides retailers with brand-approved digital marketing campaigns that they can share with their own organic and paid audiences.

We started (on Promoboxx) last June with a test, and we now are working on a range of digital assets that will be uploaded to this platform. Retailers will be able to click on a button and share brand-specific content for use in their own marketing.

Susan Mathes, Vice President of Brand Relations, Therapedic

The company works hard to strengthen its existing relationships with retailers while also forging new partnerships with up-and-coming merchants. Despite the changing retail landscape which has seen an increase of e-commerce mattress companies, the bulk of the company’s sales continue to take place through traditional stores.

To survive and grow we need to become even more important to the remaining retail players. We are getting more active in the digital space, providing brick-and-mortar retailers with the tools and programs they need to be successful.

Gerry Borreggine, President and Chief Executive Officer, Therapedic

This focus and the provision of Promoboxx sets retailers up for local success and allow them to spend more of their time creating authentic in-store experiences, and less time worrying about building digital content or finding new customers online.

When they first started using Promoboxx, Therapedic ran a contest that rewarded retailers for using the platform as a way to encourage early adoption. Since launching, Therapedic has continued to run a variety of campaigns on Promoboxx, resulting in high retailer engagement.

“We expect to work more closely together on these sorts of joint promotions so that we can leverage the strength of our dealer base from coast to coast,” says Borreggine.

Brands that are committed to their retailers are great assets not only to retailers but also to local customers. Check out some of the content Therapedic is sharing on Promoboxx with retailers to drive local sales.

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Thanks for being a great example of a retailer focused brand, Therapedic!

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