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They are Reel-y here!


You can now post Instagram Reels through Promoboxx! Instagram Reels are the new hit of the popular social media platform and the opportunities are endless. All videos uploaded to Instagram will now also be visible as Reels. Include Instagram video content in your campaigns to take advantage of this functionality!

Why should you create reels?

With the ability to create engaging content and reach a wider audience, Reels have become an emerging trend. Reels can get a massive boost in reach and likes. The average Reels reach rate is 20 – 39%, depending on the size of the audience, and engagement rates are good, averaging between 1.51 –  3.79%, depending on the size of the audience.

Instagram Reels continue to be a popular part of Instagram. By creating compelling and creative content, you can use this incredible feature to grow your brand and engage with your audience!