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Timberland Appeals to Diverse Retailer Base and Reaches New Customers with Hazel Highway Campaign


When Timberland began planning their Hazel Highway campaign on Promoboxx, they knew they wanted to go big. As this wasn’t a traditional product launch, they wanted to try out some non-traditional methods to ensure maximum product awareness and consumer reach. The solution? A wide variety of social posts for their dichotomous retailer base to choose from, and co-marketed local mobile ads to target new consumers and drive in-store foot traffic.

The Campaign:

The limited edition Hazel Highway Collection features four classic Timberland silhouettes made with tannage inspired by the original leather used to build the very first collection of Super Boots in 1979. The campaign tells the story of a journey down I-95, capturing the industrial roots and rustic heritage of the Timberland brand along the way.

TImberland Co-Branded Hazel Highway Campaign


Challenge #1:

Designed for both city bustle and rugged landscapes, the Hazel Highway launch was significant for urban and outdoor retailers alike. As a result, Timberland needed to find a way to appeal to both sets of retailers in their approach and content. How could Timberland expect two entirely different retailer bases to promote the campaign in the same way and for the same reasons?

The Solution:

Timberland created several social share options for their retailers to choose from. Whether retailers wanted to post images of the boot in an urban or rural setting, or focus on the limited availability of the product vs. the quality of its leather, there were plenty of share options that met their marketing interests. By listening to retailers and going the extra mile to create their desired assets, Timberland made sure that the campaign was exciting and accessible to all of their retailers.

TImberland Co-Branded Hazel Highway Campaign

Example of a rural retailer co-branded share.

TImberland Co-Branded Hazel Highway Campaign

Example of an urban retailer co-branded share.


Challenge #2: How could Timberland ensure that they were reaching new audiences, in addition to existing online followers?

The Solution: Enter co-branded local mobile ads. Timberland rewarded retailers for taking action within the Promoboxx platform (activating the campaign, sharing on Facebook, etc. ) with local mobile ads. These ads, using geo-targeting technology, appear on customers’ phones and tablets, simultaneously promoting Hazel Highway and the nearby retailer while driving in-store traffic. Not only do mobile ads attract new customers, they are proven to garner up to 3x for retailer engagement and 2x consumer engagement. Within less than a month, Timberland had over 1.3 million impressions and a .35% click rate, which is well above the industry average of about .25%.

More proof that retailers love mobile ads? When Timberland mentioned the new incentive in their emails to retailers, the email open rate reached 81%, blowing other rates for Timberland and other brands out of the water.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.52.06 PM

By launching targeted content, as well as incentivizing retailers to share their campaign via a new local mobile channel, Timberland succeeded not only in appealing to their divided retailer base, but also reaching new customers and driving traffic in-store.

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