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Top 4 Reasons Our Clients Choose Us

Lately, we’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our clients. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy! We have a small team (there are four of us) and like most companies, everyone works really hard. Our clients are our #1 priority. We do everything we can to help them launch awesome online promotions.

With that said, we absolutely appreciate your feedback. You like us, you really like us! 😉 Now that we know why, we want to tell the world. So, here are the top 4 reasons our clients choose Promoboxx over its many excellent competitors:

1. You Own Your Leads: I can’t tell you how many messages we’ve received over this one simple benefit. It should be typical, but it’s not. No, we don’t send marketing emails to your customers because they’re your leads, and you own them 100%.

2. Facebook LIKE: We hear it’s pretty cool that a Facebook mandatory LIKE comes standard with each promotion. It means that each person has to LIKE your business on Facebook and complete the entry form to be successfully entered into your promotion. This is huge. Most other online promotion tools, while excellent, will charge you hundreds of dollars for a mandatory Facebook LIKE.

3. “No Worries” Legal: For the most part, small businesses and agencies send the bulk of positive feedback on our “no worries” legal. They love that, for prizes under $500, official rules and privacy policy templates come launch-ready. It involves lawyers, insurance, accountants, and lots of work, but it’s just another benefit we provide so you can launch promotions as soon as possible.

4. Solid Conversion Tracking: We’ve found that another client favorite is the reporting. It’s very important to measure the effectiveness of each campaign, and our conversion tracking tools are one solid way we can show the benefits of running online promotions with Promoboxx.

And there you have it – the top 4 reasons! Thanks again for the amazing feedback. Keep it coming!