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Top 10 Ways to Get Your Retailers to Love You

Looking for the best ways to strengthen your retailer relationships? Forget the chocolates and flowers, check out our top ten list to learn how you can better connect with your retailers and feel the love.

  1. Treat them as equal partners. Their brand is the most important equity they have. – Sonciary, SVP of Client Services
  2. Believe in them! Don’t underestimate what they can and will do to help their business succeed. – Sofia, Retail Activation Manager
  3. Let them know how much you appreciate them. A simple thank you goes a long way and they will feel valued for their hard work. – Catherine, Retail Activation Intern
  4. Talk to them. You’ll learn so much from just picking up the phone and saying “Hi.” – Sonciary, VP of Client Services
  5. …and don’t just talk to them, LISTEN to what they have to say! – Taylor, Brand Account Manager
  6. Allow them to customize most (if not all) campaigns – they love being able to have their own voice! – Ben McBratney, Retail Activation Manager
  7. Balance business with fun! Run promotional content in addition to playful/lighthearted content that helps increase customer engagement online. – Johanna, Retail Activation Manager
  8. Drive traffic to THEIR online channels. When they sell, you sell, so why not expedite the process? – Taylor, Brand Account Manager
  9. Turn your retailers’ feedback and suggestions into reality! If a retailer sees their idea come to life, not only will they feel more important, but they’ll appreciate your ability to work together and listen. – Johanna, Retail Activation Manager
  10. Treat them all with the same level of respect and as extensions of your brand. Don’t neglect the little guys. – Wes, Brand Sales Manager
  11. BONUS TIP: Don’t just teach them how to sell your product. Show them how to become better business people, better marketers. – Sonciary, SVP of Client Services

Believe in retailers is one of our core values here at Promoboxx. Your retailers are one of your best digital assets, so be sure to follow the tips mentioned above to create happier, more meaningful relationships!