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Top 4 Promoboxx Platform Features

The basic idea of Promoboxx is to help brands and their retailers create and launch co-branded marketing campaigns that increase shopper awareness of the brand AND the local store. Why? Because we’ve found that these “co-promotions” are 5x more effective in driving leads.

Our team works tirelessly to build platform features that help make the brand to retailer co-promoting process more effective and efficient. So, here are the top four platform features, in no particular order, as chosen by our brand clients.

#1 Promotion Scoreboard – Creating Competition Between Retailers

With the promotion scoreboard, brands can track leads and conversion rates on a retailer-by-retailer level to quickly gauge dealer engagement. Many brands choose to make this view public to their retailers to create a competitive environment – garnering more dealer engagement, interest, and excitement.

Promoboxx Platform Brand Scoreboard

#2 Promotion Analytics – To Measure Overall Campaign Success

This dashboard allows brands to quickly view overall aggregate dealer metrics. From this page, brands have access to drill down into more detailed traffic referrals, lead conversions, and share reporting. At the end of the promotion, they click the Winners button to randomly pick a winner(s).

Promoboxx Brand Analytics (Summary view)

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#3 Custom Design Tools – Where the magic happens.

The design of your Promoboxx promotion is in your hands and completely customizable to any brand’s look and feel. Below is the custom design view. It is there that a brand or agency can design – drag ‘n drop style, or access the custom code for a more customized campaign design.

Promoboxx Design Tool for Brands

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#4 Promote Dashboard – A One Stop Shop

Brands and their retailers love this step. Our promote page is where all the fun happens, but it’s also one of the most important steps! The promote page provides brands and retailers with one-click share tools that help them install promotions on their Facebook page, or as a stand-along landing page. The share tools help everyone get the word out, anywhere on the web. Just click the Facebook post, Twitter, and Google+ etc. buttons or grab the code and add the promotion directly to your email campaign, website, or blog.

Promoboxx Promote Tool for Brands

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And there you have it! Our top 4 platform features. As always, let us know if you have any suggestions! We love feedback.