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Top 5 Reasons to Run an Online Promotion


Why should my company run an online promotion? This is a great question, and one that we get from nearly every prospective Promoboxx customer. Clearly it’s not because everyone is doing it, or that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has a bazillion users. The reasons are much more fundamental than that, here are a few:

1. Show your customers you mean business.

Do you know the ABCs of sales? A. Always B. Be C. Closing – Always Be Closing. By running consistent promotions you’re telling your customers that you want their business and you’re not afraid to ask for it. People are not always ready to buy. Repeat promotions can catch those who were previously interested during their right purchase window.

2. Learn about your customer.

As part of your promotion entry form, ask your customer simple survey questions, such as where do they shop, what are their favorite products, or what types of promotions do they like. Always continue to try and understand your customer better and they’ll reward you with sales.

3. Build a real contact list.

If you can’t get the sale, then get the next best thing: their contact info. A great website converts just 5% of their page traffic into sales, but a good online promotion can convert 20% or more of traffic to contacts. If you don’t get the sale, take the lead and then live to fight another day. Again, the better the list, the better you can run the consistent promotions in reason #1.

4. Test your message.

On the way home from a dinner party, have you ever wished you used a funny or witty response during a conversation? If you do this with dinner parties, then you should be always thinking about better ways to write promotional copy. With online promotions you can always change your message, launch A-B tests, and learn what works.

5. Because everyone is doing it and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a bazillion users.

Ok, I’m sorry, but there’s no denying the size and power of these channels. And everyone can do it because there are tools like Promoboxx, online promotion builder, that make it easy and fun for businesses to create kick-butt online promotions.

What are some of the other reasons to run an online promotion?

Updated by Ashleigh Anderson July 2022.