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Top 5 Social Shopping Insights That Brands & Retailers Should Know

As Promoboxxers, we are always interested in hearing how the digital world is changing the way retailers market to their customers. We are in the business of helping brands and retailers work together to achieve success in the digital world. This infographic depicts just how important it is for retailers to be online, and how much of an influence it has on a consumer’s purchase decisions

Top 5 Social Shopping Insights


  • • 55% of consumers share their purchases on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites
  • • Top three sites to share about online purchases include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • • 33% of Facebook users have purchased an item they saw in their newsfeed
  • • 59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item they saw on their site
  • • 83% of consumers base their decisions on both star ratings and written review comments

Check out the SlideShare below showing off some great examples of some recent Promoboxx campaigns that our brand clients have launched. By helping retailers establish a stronger presence online with brand approved content and easy-to-use tools, brands are able to influence the local consumer and have a consistent message both online and offline.

Promoboxx Campaign Examples from Promoboxx