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Trek Bicycle Wins First Ever Aligned Awards


The Aligned Awards recognizes this year’s best co-marketing campaign that effectively connects the brand with its retailers, as voted by Aligned Conference attendees.

This year, attendees voted Trek Bicycle’s Global Retail Marketing Manager, Jeremy McKinley, as the premiere Aligned Awards winner. The winning campaign for Trek’s Summer Sale garnered 61% retailer activation and 76% retailer engagement. Here’s a rundown of the stats:

  • 68K Landing Page Hits
  • 18K Consumer Leads
  • 28% Lead Conversion

Each landing page featured a gallery populated with sale items that the retailers wanted to promote and the campaign was translated into English or Canadian French, depending on the retailer’s location. 

The campaign was also turbo charged with Promoboxx Local Ads (formerly Match), which provided retailers with ad funds to use across mobile display to bring new customers in-store. Here’s the Trek Summer Sale campaign co-branded to local retailer Landry’s Bicycles in Boston, MA:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.16.39 PM

Huge congrats to Trek and its fellow nominees Chevrolet, Frigidaire, Mizuno, Reebok, and Volkswagen!

If you’re looking to win the Aligned Awards in 2015, start strategizing now! We’ll be releasing new categories in January of 2015!

To download the entire Aligned Awards campaign nominee packet, click here!