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Trek Bikes Drives Highly Targeted Customers In-Store [Case Study]

For its annual ‘Trek Fest’ campaign, Trek Bikes wanted to drive awareness of their best sale of the year — among the right consumers.

By equipping their specialty retailers with funds for targeted Facebook advertising using Promoboxx Local Ads, Trek was able to reach cycling enthusiasts near each storefront.

Trek Helps Retailers Reach Relevant Local Customers

Trek provided retailers who participated in the campaign with funds for Facebook advertising. Utilizing Local Ads, Trek’s retailers were able to run sophisticated, targeted mobile advertising to relevant consumers near their stores, all easily executed within the Promoboxx platform.

Beyond localized geo-targeting, the campaign was also specifically optimized to reach people on mobile devices who are interested in cycling, or who purchase cycling-related products. The combination of targeting based on interests, purchase behavior, and geography ensured each Trek retailer ad was highly relevant.

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Example Local Ad on Facebook

Trek’s goals setting out:

  • Get the right people’s eyes on the campaign
  • Drive consumer sale awareness
  • Find new customers, drive them in-store

Campaign results:

  • 85% Retailer Engagement
  • 2.4% Clickthrough Rate
  • Over 1m Facebook Ad Impressions
  • $0.39 Cost-Per-Click

“By using Promoboxx Local Ads to scale paid social, we’re giving our specialty retailers the firepower of a major global brand like Trek, with the consumer appeal of a community business.”

– Andrew Rosch, Retail Marketing Manager, Trek Connect

Trek Amplifies Reach at the Local Level

The 2016 Trek Fest campaign outperformed previous Trek Local Ads campaigns, driving higher retailer engagement and over 1 million Facebook ad impressions.

With Promoboxx Local Ads, Trek offered their retailers a mechanism to to generate leads and learn more about their audiences, all while driving new, highly qualified customers into the stores.

Promoboxx Local Ads: Reach the Customers That Matter Most

Join Trek Bikes and other leading brands leveraging Local Ads to team up with retailers and unlock the full potential of untapped local audiences.

With Promoboxx Local Ads, brands simply and effectively extend advertising funds, sophisticated content, and targeting capabilities to resource-strapped retailers, reaching new local customers on mobile devices and driving them in-store.

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