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Understanding Equals Action

We partner with amazing brands. (Chevrolet, Reebok, Trek, Profile Design, and more.) We talk a lot about their campaign successes, but we learn more from those that don’t hit the mark.

One of our brand clients (to remain unnamed) has had a particularly difficult time engaging its retailers. This brand knows for a fact that 83% of its retail partners want to co-market, but they’ve been unable to translate that desire into action.

Ok, so we know retailers want to co-market with the brand. We know the brand wants to co-market with retailers. Our platform provides an easy way to make that happen. So, why aren’t these retailers using it?

First, we thought it was the campaign offer, or maybe the brand’s retailer contact list was bad, or maybe the campaign timing was off.¬†Then, we decided to do something quite simple. We sent a short survey to the retailers asking them some key questions. One question included was “Why haven’t you participated in a campaign?” More than half wrote that they still had no idea was Promoboxx was.¬†Interesting.¬†83% of this particular brand’s retailers want to co-market, but the retailers don’t understand how Promoboxx helps them do just that.

It all boils down to this…

People need to have a solid understanding of something before they take action. We sometimes forget this.

Promoboxx’s most successful campaigns are those that involve brand and retailer B2R education. They also include multiple touch points, multiple times. When retailers understand, they take action.

Understanding equals action.

Now, we’re working alongside this brand, implementing dealer education initiatives to increasing understanding. I’ll let you know how the next campaign goes!