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Using the Promoboxx Invitation System to Optimize Your B2R Campaign

The team here at Promobox is always striving to introduce and optimize tools that help gather data and show insights into the brand-to-retailer marketing process. One tool that we love is our Invitation System.

By using our Invitation System, brands are able to send out campaign launch communications to a list of their retailers to continue to remind retailers to opt-in and share throughout the lifetime of the program. We measure a co-branded campaign’s success based on high opt-in rates and engagement levels, so consistent and targeted communication is key to get your retailers actively participating and sharing their customized campaigns.

Brands that utilize the platform’s Invitation System see between 20-40% higher participation rates consistently across campaigns. The Invitations System also allows for communication to be integrated with other Promoboxx tools, creating a unified reporting view and providing actionable insights into your campaign data.

Here’s why we love our Promoboxx Invitation System:

    • The tool allows you to track which retailers have been invited to a Promoboxx campaign, which locations have have opted in, and which retailers are unactivated.
    • Brands can use the data to better understand which retailers are interested in the marketing content that is offered through the Promoboxx platform
    • Brands can optimize email subject lines and content, measuring how this drives retailer participation rates
    • Brands can easily re-send invites to retailers who have not yet opted in
    • Retailer-specific links in invitation emails help to prevent duplication of retailer accounts — clean data is good data!

In addition to the Invitation System tools, Promoboxx also provides email templates that have been optimized based on what we’ve learned from campaigns launched with brands across various industries. Most importantly, our platform’s Invitation System integrates with all other Promoboxx tools, so brands can see unified reporting of their campaign and retailer data.