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We upgraded our Smart Groups, Invite System, and more!

Our development team pushes new Promoboxx platform features every two weeks. So, be on the look out for new features and functionality. Here’s the latest on our platform updates:

Smart Groups 2.0

Brands can already group their retailers based on any available retailer data with Smart Groups 1.0, but this feature was limited to one selection per group. With Smart Groups 2.0, you can include additional selections, or choose to match “all” or “any” of the rules you select.

Invite System 2.0

We took our retailer invite system to a new level. Now, it’s more intuitive with a remind feature that allows you to send a reminder to all retailers that have not accepted a campaign invitation. The history tab keeps track of past invitations sent, with an auto save that will save text as you type. Now, you won’t lose your email draft if you navigate away from the page.

Retailer Campaign Participation

Brands can now click directly on their retailer profile accounts to see which campaigns the retailers have been invited to, are participating in, and their overall participation conversion.