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What Does Client Marketing Mean Anyway?

Here at Promoboxx, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers in marketing. First, we created the phrase “brand-to-retailer marketing.” Now, we are throwing another term into the marketing world: Client Marketing Manager.

For Promoboxx, a Client Marketing Manager exists to help support our brand, agency, and retailer relationships. Client Marketing Managers work closely alongside our clients to help ensure the successful launch, execution and optimization of client campaigns.

Here are a few of our daily responsibilities:

  • Brand Liaison: Goal of improving the brand’s relationship with its retailers
  • Campaign Execution: Implementation and execution of each campaign
  • Campaign Optimization: Recommendations and best practices to ensure a successful campaign
  • Retailer Engagement and Support: Retailer engagement and responsive technical support
  • Analytics Reporting: Reporting of data collected by Promoboxx on brand’s retailers and consumers

As you can tell, our days are never the same! We are constantly communicating with every aspect of our own organization, our brand’s organizations and the retailers. We really do love our job!

Are you a pioneer in your industry? Do you have a job you love going to each day? We’d love to hear about it!