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When Local Advertising Matters, We’ve Got Your Back


Consumers today are digital, and they expect to be able to engage with a brand or a store on their phones, on-the-go, whenever the need is there. Local advertising is a powerful way to reach customers, but it needs to be simple and fast in order for retailers to justify the investment in staff and budget required to adopt it.

That’s why we built Promoboxx Local Ads way back when — to offer local advertising that gets retailers excited about marketing and help them launch new campaigns faster. With Local Ads, brands extend their advertising content, targeting, and media mix out to their local retail partners. Brands allocate national budget and campaigns, which retailers can choose to automatically promote or customize for their local markets — all with just a few clicks.

Many of our customers are using Local Ads to advertise new product and promotions across Facebook. You might be asking… Facebook offers its own advertising product, why not just go straight through Facebook?

Well, we asked ourselves the same thing, and so we decided to put it to the test.

Local Ads vs. direct to Facebook

We looked at the universe of Promoboxx customers who have advertised on Facebook with both Local Ads and by going direct to Facebook. We looked at the $ cost investment and the number of impressions delivered across both products, and here’s what we found:

Local Ads users, on average, spend 75% less than they would on Facebook to get the same number of impressions.

In an age when marketers are under tremendous pressure to do more with less (while also showing a higher ROI, no big deal!), we think this is game-changing. Imagine being able to tell your boss that you delivered the expected number of impressions, but at 75% of the expected cost.

Geo-targeting & ease of use makes Local Ads more efficient

When we really step back and think about it, it makes sense that Local Ads would offer our customers higher efficiency over going direct to Facebook. Promoboxx is operated with a retailer-first mindset. Everything we do and build is designed to help retailers become better marketers and better business people. We believe in them with every fiber.

We know the best way to support your retailers is through campaigns, and Local Ads delivers a campaigns-based approach designed to maximize conversions that you just don’t get by going direct to Facebook. Brands, who have deep digital marketing expertise, set audience targeting at the campaign level, so when retailers, who typically don’t have marketing expertise, receive campaign assets, the targeting is already pre-set, and the creative is already brand-approved. It’s easy and designed to convert.

On top of that, geo-targeting is done at the street address level, and all of the retailer addresses are already pre-loaded into Promoboxx. We make it easier for retailers to target the right customers, who are looking for product online and more likely to buy from a trusted resource. Geo-targeting drives a significant increase in foot traffic and local sales — and this is in addition to all of the other demographic, social interest, and behavior targeting they can use.

Local Ads inherently enables retailers to target potential customers near every storefront with brand-funded, brand-approved content, targeting and budget. Local Ads also removes traditional co-op advertising roadblocks, and retailers therefore have more time to devote to digital marketing. It’s easy, and they get it, which means they are way more likely to actually use it.

27,000+ Retailers

With over 27,000 retailers on Promoboxx, we’ve proven that if you provide advertising support to your independent retailers, they’ll transform into your best local marketers. Local Ads helps strengthen the relationship between brands and their retailers to extend advertising reach and ultimately sell more inventory.

So when local advertising matters, come talk to us and get a demo.


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