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Why Did We Start Aligned?


The Aligned Conference was started in 2014 to fill a major gap in the marketing conference circuit.  Promoboxx employees were looking for a conference to attend where brands could come together and brainstorm on how they approached the retail marketing channel. We were surprised to find that there wasn’t a single current event that fit what we were looking for!

We saw that there was no market fit, so we thought, we have the expertise from our own experience working with big brands and local retailers every single day about this exact topic. Who could be better equipped to sponsor this sort of event? So, in line with two of our values, ‘Focus on the Big Things’ and ‘Be a Leader’, we created it on our own!

retailer marketing conference

We wanted to provide a conference to connect and inspire people who are:

  • trying to find creative new ways to improve digital marketing efforts with their retail partners.
  • looking to hear refreshing  insights from other retail marketing peers.
  • interested in working with other like-minded brands to create new innovative strategies and approaches to retailer marketing.
  • most importantly, putting retailers first as a valuable asset to their marketing strategy.

And so, the Aligned Conference was born. We named the conference ‘Aligned’ because it is what the conference strives to do: align brands with their local retailers. The Aligned Conference is the only national event that focuses on providing key strategies to develop marketing alignment between national brands and their local retailers.

Hear from some of our co-founders on what Aligned brings to the table for industry events.

“If you’re on the retail marketing team there was no true industry event for you. With Aligned we’re building that place, where brands can collaborate with other brands, and work together to make retailers stronger marketers and business people.”– Ben Carcio, Co-Founder and CEO 

Ben Carcio

Ben Carcio, Co-Founder and CEO

“Aligned is the first of its kind. An opportunity for retail, trade, digital, and field marketers to meet fellow cohorts across several industries like automotive, home, outdoor, cycling, footwear, animal nutrition, and more! All with the sole purpose of learning more about the nuances and best practices of marketing with their independent retailers.” – Sonciary Honnoll, Co-Founder and VP of Brands 

Sonciary Honnoll

Sonciary Honnoll, Co-Founder and VP of Brands

As a retail marketer, you put retailers first. You work closely with your retailers so you hear what they want, love, and need from your teams. Join us at Aligned 2017 for the conference that brings together digital trade and retail marketers across all industries, to share marketing strategies that empower their local retailers. At Aligned, you’ll meet and learn alongside leading digital trade and retail marketers from today’s most iconic brands.

Register today!

September 20-22, 2017 Boston, MA


retailer marketing conference

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