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Why Promoboxx is Useful for All Retailers


This post was co-authored by Allison Moldoff; Client Services Intern

Promoboxx services a wide variety of retailers: from big automotive groups with multiple dealerships to small mom-and-pop shops. Many of our largest retailers have either a full-time marketing position or hire an agency to do the marketing for them. Yet, some of our mom-and-pop shops have never heard of Facebook.

If you are a retailer who is still not sold on the effectiveness of social media marketing, check out our blog post here. If you are already sold but are not sure if Promoboxx is right for you, find the description that best fits you below to learn how it could be the best tool you ever use:

The Outside Marketing Agency

You have multiple clients and are constantly on the lookout for new campaigns and ideas. Your agency may already have a marketing strategy or platform in place, so you are hesitant to take on anything new.

Promoboxx saves you time looking for marketing content, and may even manage more than 1 of your retailers already. The support team at Promoboxx is very accessible and we have tons of experience managing multiple accounts and can easily add retailers in bulk. Promoboxx has easy, reliable automation features that allow you to put your marketing on cruise control so you can focus on other priorities.

The General Manager

You oversee a business’s day-to-day operations from sales to marketing. You don’t have much free time and are always on the move making sure everything is running smoothly.

Promoboxx is turnkey, providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to launch your online marketing campaigns in under 10 minutes. Once the initial setup is complete, you can easily activate your automation features so you never have to worry about not having enough time for online marketing. With automation features, your Facebook and Twitter pages will automatically post new and varied marketing content (per campaign) as soon as it becomes available. Did we mention that Promoboxx is completely free to retailers?

The Marketing Team

You are responsible for sales and distribution channel management, marketing communications, pricing, market research, and customer service. You have a lot going on but would like to find time to better engage your customers online. Promoboxx will save you time, money and resources by providing you with new and engaging marketing content on a regular basis.

Promoboxx has a wide variety of tools for expert marketers:

  • – Promotional campaigns include lead generation to help beef up your sales funnel
  • Automation features allow you to get the newest marketing material out there as soon as it becomes available.
  • – Numerous reporting features, including Facebook insights, that help you monitor the success of your efforts

The Web Manager

You are in charge of the business’s webpage and other online tools. Although you are tech-savvy, you are much more focused on sales than marketing.

Promoboxx was designed to save you time and make marketing easy for everyone. You don’t need to have a degree in marketing to utilize Promoboxx; just activate your account and take advantage of the easy to use marketing content and promotion tools available to you. Not in your job description? Shoot us an email and we can add another user who might deal more often with social media.

The Store Associate/Family Member

You are responsible for helping management meet weekly and monthly sales goals. You are young, tech-savvy, and interested in social media outlets but may not have expected to be managing a Promoboxx account.

Your manager will be very excited to see more customers in their store because you started using Promoboxx effectively. From the lead generation tools to the social marketing and email campaigns, Promoboxx can help boost in-store traffic and gather sales leads to help you hit those monthly goals.

Are you a retailer with a Promoboxx account who needs help getting started with social media? Just contact our dedicated Retail Activation Team and they can assist you at