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Why Promoboxxers Shop Local

At Promoboxx, we believe in retailers. If you read our blog regularly, you probably know that by now. We take a retailer-first approach to everything we do, and sometimes that means an impromptu Slack chat on why we shop local over big box! Check out some of our responses…

Better customer service

Shop Local Charles River Running

Promoboxx employees visit Charles River Running

They are more friendly in my experience.Jack Henson, Business Development Representative

They provide better customer service.Johanna Fiedler, Director of Customer Experience – Support

Product knowledge and expertise

Shop Local Studio Velo

Andrew Glenn at Studio Velo

Patronizing a well-curated independent retailer is a far more rewarding experience than shopping online BECAUSE YOU CAN RIDE A BIKE!Andrew Glenn – Senior Brand Account Manager

Their product knowledge is typically unmatched! Also, they make shopping an experience as opposed to a chore.Taylor Holm, Director of Customer Experience – Onboarding

They know the products much better! Dan Koziak, VP of UX and Co-Founder

To find things you can’t find at other places.Alexandra Cassis, Senior Customer Success Manager

Accessibility and community involvement

Shop Local Marathon Sports

Promoboxx employees at Marathon Sports

By supporting local businesses, the money earned is usually reinvested in my community. Also, having local businesses prevents the homogenization of our neighborhoods by large corporations who do not contribute to the community and instead invest their profits in rewards for their VPs.Barbara Donnelly, People Operations Specialist

Living in the city, local retailers are more accessible. I can walk to one and talk to a real human easily as soon as I walk in vs. driving to a big box, figuring out where the heck the customer service desk is, and then maybe they’ll help me (or maybe not).Evan Brett, VP of Marketing

Smaller parking lots, less chance of an accident. 😉 Dan Koziak, VP of UX and Co-Founder


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