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Why Independent Retailers Should Leverage Social Media To Influence Customers


Although most independent retailers have websites and some have an e-mail marketing strategy, many feel that social takes up too much time and won’t help them sell more. A recent Forrester Consulting Report showed quite the opposite. In fact, the report showed that customers use social media at every stage of their purchase lifecycle.

Knowing how important social is and how skeptical some remain about its value, when Promoboxx is first introduced as a digital marketing solution we try to communicate two things:

    • – First, when it comes to online marketing, Promoboxx is there to save the retailer time, money and resources
    • – Second, by understanding the power of social, and how to leverage that power, retailers will have more customers in their store to sell to

5 Ways Social Media Helps Retailers Sell More


        • 1. Social users who engage with a business daily are likely to make 2X more purchases than monthly engagers
        • 2. Many consumers who engage with businesses via social media use social networks to research brands, products or services they’re considering buying
        • 3. Social and word of mouth play a leading role in driving discovery
        • 4. Engaged social followers are more likely to buy from you
        • 5. Brand perception and likelihood to recommend are stronger from those who engage more frequently

At the end of the day, a strong digital presence, that includes a good social strategy, will lead to more customers engaged online and in-store. Want to learn more about how social media influences customers and increases sales? Check out this Forrester Consulting Report that we pulled the above social facts from.

Are you a retailer with a Promoboxx account who needs help getting started with social media? Just contact our dedicated Retail Activation Team and they can assist you at