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Why the Promoboxx Team is Looking Forward to Aligned


As the first ever Aligned Conference approaches, the Promoboxx team is gearing up for an exciting three days of events! We asked the team why they are most looking forward to the Boston conference that is focused on brands empowering their retailers. To find out why the Promoboxx Team is getting pumped, check out their responses below.

aligned-smiley-face“If you’re on the retail marketing team there’s no true industry event for you. With Aligned we’re building that place, where brands can collaborate with other brands, and work together to make retailers better marketers.” – Ben CarcioCo-Founder and CEO

“Aligned is the first of its kind. An opportunity for retail, trade, and distributed marketers to meet fellow cohorts across several industries like automotive, apparel, CPG, home improvement, sporting goods, and more! All with the sole purpose of learning more about the nuances and best practices of co-marketing with their independent retailers.” – Sonciary HonnollCo-Founder and SVP of Client Services

“I am excited to see what comes from the collaboration between the different people in attendance. All of our clients from various industries and brands face some very different challenges when it comes to engaging their retailers, but also have a lot in common too. At Promoboxx, I am amazed by the intelligent and visionary people we get to work with on a daily basis. Bringing together everyone to talk about a topic that often gets ignored is going to be a lot of fun and powerful!” – Emma BisognoSenior Brand Account Manager

“I joined Promoboxx due in part  to the caliber of clients we get to work with. To have them together, in the same room, at the same time, sharing insights and ideas with each other? That’s big.” – Andrew GlennBrand Account Manager

“It always amazes me how much gets accomplished when we meet with our clients in person, so having them all together talking shop is going to be hugely valuable to all parties involved. We’re extremely lucky to have clients with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise that constantly challenge our team and the platform to be the best it can be. And, they happen to be really fun people, which is a major bonus!” – Taylor CarrSenior Brand Account Manager


“Why would I not want to hop on a boat cruise to network with top executives from some of the world’s largest brands? This is the event for digital retail marketing. I’m ready to hear the big, aching pain points and go home with actionable strategies that will impress my team.” – Sofia PapastamelosRetail Activation Manager

“I’m interested in seeing the collaboration happen between the brands we work with. With our clients coming from different industries, I’m really hoping they’ll get to communicate with one another to hear what has worked, what hasn’t, and really learn from one-another. We can offer best practices and advice all we want, but hearing experiences from other top executives can hopefully open up some new ideas.”
Adam DoucetteBrand Account Manager

Request an Invite

To request an invite to the Aligned Conference on September 24th-26th at the Fairmont Battery Wharf in Boston, MA, please complete this form, and we’ll get right back to you! If you are already a client, please reach out to your Brand Account Manager directly for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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