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Wigwam Targets Growth with Its Specialty Retailers [Interview]

With a strong passion for keeping things local, Wigwam is placing a renewed focus on its partnerships with specialty retailers in 2017. Similar to the pride the brand feels with its made in America craftsmanship, its specialty retailers are proud store owners who hand-select quality products that resonate best with their local markets.


Luke Otten, Wigwam

Luke Otten, Wigwam’s Marketing Communications Manager, is responsible for the engagement and support of retail partners. Luke has been with Wigwam for seven years and oversees all marketing communications (website, blog, social media, PR, brand ambassador program, etc.) for the sock brand.

As a key tactic to drive retail sales in 2017, Wigwam partnered with Promoboxx this past February to make it easier for its specialty retailers to promote brand content online. By ramping up the digital presence of its local, independent shops, both retailers and Wigwam will benefit from brand awareness, foot traffic, and ultimately, product sales.

Being a new member of the Promoboxx family, we recently spoke with Wigwam to gather their thoughts on the outdoor industry, specialty retailers, and the Promoboxx platform.

What trends can you speak to in the outdoor industry?

There are major changes happening in retail right now. Everyone is seeing significant consolidation and observing the impact that it continues to have on sell through down the line to manufacturing and product development. Consumers are increasingly discerning as it relates to the products and brands they purchase and the “why” behind them. Additionally, there is a powerful movement surrounding women’s participation in the outdoor community. This is spurring significant dialog in product development, editorial and marketing campaigns.

wigwam-instagramWhat’s the brand culture like at Wigwam?

We are proud of the heritage and history of the Wigwam brand and our commitment to US manufacturing. We see ourselves as a team at Wigwam, working towards a common goal and having fun along the way. At Wigwam we can always find a reason to have an office party, especially when Packer Football season rolls around!

Why are local retailers important to telling your brand story?

Our local retailers are our core customer and it’s important for us to help empower our retail partners to tell the Wigwam brand story to their customers.

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What are your organization’s goals for 2017?

For 2017, Wigwam is focused on driving more retail sales and scaling up product development. Promoboxx is one key tactic we’re implementing to achieve our goals in 2017. It is an effective way to increase retailer engagement and introduce our customers to the Wigwam brand and give them a first look at new products.

Our next product launch is set for later this month, where we will introduce four new products to our run line, which feature our two patented moisture management technologies. Check our website for a sneak peek!

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How were you supporting your retailers with digital marketing before Promoboxx?

Our old strategy was less proactive and more reactive. Our team was creating one-off campaigns for our retailers who asked for branded content.

Why did you decide to move forward with Promoboxx?

For our retailers, a tool like Promoboxx makes it very easy to promote Wigwam content via social media, email, website, landing pages, mobile, and more. Not only is the platform free and easy to use for retailers, all of the content is brand-approved and customizable for each retailer with very little time investment.

Wigwam content share

Retailer promoting #Gearhacks campaign

We love that we have brand control over the content for consistency, but that our retail partners still have the ability to customize messages. With Promoboxx we can support all of our retail partners, which is a huge win for us. This eliminates a lot of extra work for our team. Plus, with reporting, we get to see which retailers are promoting the content and which type of content they prefer.

The Content Discovery feature is also a favorite. This feature gives retailers the opportunity to share the content from our national social media platforms. More options, more brand exposure!


Simple, Effective Digital Marketing Support

Instead of managing one-off retailer requests or struggling with a digital asset management (DAM) portal, outdoor brands like Wigwam, Osprey Packs, Arc’teryx, and The North Face provide digital marketing support to their specialty retailers through Promoboxx. By partnering with Promoboxx, these outdoor brands give their specialty retailers easy access to professional co-branded marketing content, leading to increased consumer awareness and in-store sales. Request a demo >

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