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You Asked For It… Retailer Share Scheduling Is Here!

Retailers asked for it… and we listened! After receiving feedback regarding the need for scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts, it’s finally here. Retailers can now choose to share a post immediately, or share later.  Why does this matter? With Share Scheduling, retailers can:

  • Manage all of their online marketing for a campaign in one sitting
  • Create a more natural cadence of posts on their online channels
  • Determine/ help maintain a content strategy that works for them

How does it work? 


1. Retailers select either “Share Now” or “Share Later.”


2. A calendar will appear for the retailer to select what time and date the share should post.


3. Scheduled shares will appear in the center box. The retailer can continue to schedule additional posts if desired, and then click “Save Schedule.” They can also schedule posts for Twitter.

4. If the dealer wants to see what posts they have scheduled, they can click the “Calendar” tab in their Promoboxx account.  They can also click the Facebook or Twitter icon (highlighted) to see which campaign is scheduled to post.


5. Retailers can also click the Facebook or Twitter icon to edit their share schedule. Upon clicking, they will be taken to the promotion channels and given the option to “Edit Schedule.”




6. If the retailer wants to cancel a share, they simply need to hover over the calendar icon and click the “X.”


Additional Info & Best Practices:


  • The retailer will receive an email if the post was successfully scheduled, or if it failed for any reason.
  • A retailer cannot schedule a share outside the timeframe of the campaign.
  • It’s important to differentiate Share Scheduling from our Automation features. Enabling Auto Facebook Share and Auto Twitter Share will post content strategically selected by the brand directly to your online channels, while Share Scheduling allows you to pick and choose which posts you want to share and when.


Questions? Email us at or call 800-380-7502 ext. 1