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How A Large Mattress Manufacturer Used A Sales Rep Contest to Boost Sales and Reward Ad Funds

Sales Reps Compete and Win: How to Use Friendly Competition to Enroll Retailers and Reward Ad Funds to Top Retailers

To drive brand awareness and foot traffic for their Memorial Day weekend sale, a large mattress manufacturer ran a contest for their Sales Reps to earn Paid Ads that rewarded their top retailers. The contest incentivized Sales Reps to register NEW retailers and increase activity with those that have already registered using tools like automation. 

Sales Rep Contest

The company kicked off the contest by setting a clear scoring system and objectives for their Sales Reps to follow. The contest ran for two weeks total and awarded two Sales Rep winners based on the following criteria; connecting social accounts, enabling automation, and scheduling posts. 

Here’s the breakdown of the scoring system: 

  • Gold – connected, automated, posting
  • Silver – connected, automated
  • Bronze – connected

Each winner would get $500 in Promoboxx Paid Ad funds to distribute to two retailer accounts of their choosing for the Memorial Day weekend sale.

Results: A Win-Win for Sales Reps and Retailers

The first winning Sales Rep engaged 82% of their retailers – this rep had the highest number of accounts and most accounts connected, automated, and posting! The second winner went to the Sales Rep that engaged 100% of their retailers. Every one of them had their social accounts connected, automation turned on, and posted content from the brand – the gold standard!

These two reps selected 2 retailers each, to earn $250 in co-branded Memorial Day ads. These ads ran for 2 weeks leading up to the holiday sale event, targeting consumers within a 15 mile radius of their local business. The ads garnered over 357K impressions across Facebook and Instagram. 

Ad Results

  • $2.80 CPM
  • 357k Facebook Ad Impressions

Program Success Metrics

  • 31 Net New Retailer Registrations
  • 100% Sales Rep Participation 

The large mattress manufacturer was thrilled that the contest energized and engaged their Sales Rep team, and the results of the contest grew and strengthened their retailer network on Promoboxx. 

“Promoboxx has been a great asset for us.  For a while now, we have provided great branded content to our retailers and partnering with Promoboxx allows our retailers to see and use these assets incredibly easily! We have seen the usage of these assets increase tremendously and our retailers love the content, the ability to use the content…and most importantly, how easy it is to use!  We’ve had numerous comments from sales reps and retailers how easy it is to use, how much time it saves them and it has led to engagement and sales!  Thank you for a great platform!”

– Business Activation Manager

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