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DPS Skis Supports Retailers at Scale for Dreamtime Sales Event

We view Promoboxx as a vital tool for not only driving sell-through in our wholesale channel, but for overall brand building as well.

– Jamie Starr, VP of Marketing at DPS Skis

The Challenge

DPS Skis was searching for a scalable solution to provide trackable and measurable, brand-approved digital marketing to its entire retailer network. DPS has a small internal marketing team and was using email and cloud storage services on a one-off basis to support retailers with branded content.

With their annual Dreamtime Sales Event coming up, they needed the right solution in place to drive awareness and in-store traffic. Dreamtime is a special pre-season event where DPS offers the year’s only discount on the entire collection and also a unique opportunity to buy event-exclusive skis with special edition top sheets and super-rare skunkworks models from their Powderworks Division.

The Solution

Together with Promoboxx, DPS built and funded a digital campaign to support the Dreamtime Sales Event. The ski manufacturer uploaded campaign creative and copy and allocated targeted digital ad funds.

The campaign was distributed to all of its retail partners, who then launched the campaign across their digital social channels via Promoboxx. When clicked, the ads led consumers to a landing page that encouraged a product purchase by displaying the retailer’s store information along with campaign promotions. Throughout the campaign, DPS was able to view retailer performance, campaign reporting, and consumer reporting.

To ensure campaign success, DPS implemented a number of Promoboxx’s best practices:

  • Ad funds – Paid ad dollars were distributed to retailers, with ads running on Facebook and mobile display. Ads were targeted to skiing enthusiasts near specific retail locations and additional demographic criteria.
  • Landing pages – Ads linked to campaign landing pages that were automatically customized via Promoboxx to display each retailer’s store information, encouraging consumers to visit a DPS retailer and check out the promotion.
  • Mixed media – The campaign came equipped with a variety of media, including video, and new assets were added on a continuous basis. 
  • Dealer outreach – Dealers were well-informed leading up to the event through email and other communications. 
  • Sales rep involvement – Promoboxx provided reps with training on the platform, retailer activation, and DPS campaign execution.

Business Impact


  • 62% Retailer Engagement
  • 160K+ Total Impressions
  • 2.09% CTR (2X Fitness industry benchmark for Facebook¹)
  • $0.36 CPC (Fitness industry average for Facebook ads is $1.90¹)
  • 8K+ Consumer Engagement
  • 1250+ Landing Page Views

Trackable Results

For the first time, DPS was able to have visibility into how retailers and consumers are responding to their content. Right out of the gate, they experienced 62% retailer engagement!


Prior to working with Promoboxx, the Dealer Services team at DPS would support dealers via email with one-off requests for content. The high-performance ski manufacturer is now able to create one brand campaign and have it distributed to its entire retailer network. “We’re a small team, so Promoboxx gives us access to scale with our messaging that otherwise would not be possible with individualized communication efforts,” says Jamie Starr, VP of Marketing at DPS Skis.

Messaging consistency

“As a premium brand and innovation leader in our market, messaging consistency is crucial for us,” says Starr. “We’re excited about what Promoboxx can do to help us unify our brand, technology, and product stories across our retail network. It’s always challenging to sync communications efforts between HQ and a vast and disparate network of retail partners, but now we can, and the effort won’t break the back of our marketing and dealer services teams.”

It’s always been a challenge to support and execute marketing for our specialty dealers. Having a tool like Promoboxx allows us to be scalable, flexible, easy to use, and measurable.

– Jamie Starr, VP of Marketing at DPS Skis

Campaign Creative Distributed via Promoboxx

Retailer share:

Campaign landing page created automatically for each retailer:

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¹ Wordstream: Facebook Advertising Benchmarks for Your Industry (2019)

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