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Retailers Want These 6 Things This Holiday Season


The holidays are a time for gift giving, but it’s always easier when you have a list. We’ve pulled together a retailer wish list based on our daily talks with retailers to help your brand find the perfect ‘gift’ for your retail partners this season.

By creating a strong relationship with your retailers, listening to what they need and want, and communicating with them, you can turn your retail partners into marketing all-stars and make their store a place to inform and engage potential customers.

Even if you already have a great dialogue with your retail partners, these six ‘gift’ ideas can guide you and your retailers to marketing success!

1. Access to Online Marketing Materials

Digital helps to build trust and attract business, while local stores can make the sale. The National Retail Federation study “The State of Retail Small Businesses” found that one of the top areas that retailers are currently focusing on is expanding their digital presence. The best way to help them to do this is by giving them easy access to your digital content so they can share and reach their local customers.

2. Image Options

Not all areas look the same. Retailers want access to a wide variety of content so that if they are in a beach town, they aren’t limited to sharing photos of wintery woods – which their customers wouldn’t find relevant. Location agnostic images are a great option to solve this problem, these can be applicable to all retailers!

Retail Holiday Example Standlee

Example of Location Agnostic Content

3. The Ability to Advertise Locally

Independent retailers want to drive traffic to their stores, and targeting their local community with geo-targeted ads is a great way to engage neighborhood shoppers. Brands and retailers can work together to run targeted ads based on behaviors, age, interests, and more that will drive shoppers into stores, where retailers can talk to the customers and close the sale. Promoboxx makes this easy through our Local Ads feature, and brands running paid ads on the platform, on average, reach 3 million local consumers per campaign.

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Retailer Using Local Ads with Arc’teryx

4. More Content on a Regular Basis

Retailers are excited about your brand, and want to be involved! Providing retailers with a regular content calendar can help them to plan around your brand content promotions and feel informed and involved. More content can lead to more success. Smartwool prepared for their launch with Promoboxx by building their campaigns ahead of time and providing the content plan to their retailers. This allowed their retailers to plan ahead and gave Smartwool the opportunity to address any concerns in advance.

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5. Messaging with Character

Different retailers carry different products. By sharing inspirational content with retailers in addition to product-focused content, retailers can continue to regularly engage with your brand and share your message, even if they aren’t selling the specific style you’re advertising. Inspirational content is also more likely to be shared and engaged with on social channels!

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Retail Holiday Mohawk

Example of Inspirational Content

6. Let Retailers Test it Out!

Last, but not least, show your retailers a little love this season by providing them with personal discounts on your products when you can! Someone who wears or uses your product in their lives can offer a personal experience when selling in-store.

Send your retailers some holiday cheer this coming year by providing them with some of the items on this list! Retailers can provide the essential link to local consumers because they know their community the best. By becoming a supportive resource, you are setting up your retailers and your brand for success.

Find out how Promoboxx is making it even easier for brands to partner with their retailers and share better-looking, ready-to-use content in 2018!