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Sonciary Honnoll

Five Key Local Marketing Insights from Brand Marketers [Aligned Conference 2015 Recap]

The Aligned Conference both challenges and inspires brand marketing efforts in local retail. It’s where those of us tasked with...

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Sofia Papastamelos

Announcing the #AlignedCon 2015 Speaker Lineup

It’s that time of year again. Get up and get pumped for the second annual Aligned Conference! On September 9th-11th, digital retail...

Aligned Conference brand
Marketing Team

A Passion for Local Retailers: Hear The Story Behind #AlignedCon

Digital trade and retail marketers across all industries are gearing up for this September’s #AlignedCon. After a successful first...

Aligned Conference brand
Catherine Daigle

Top Brands Meet Up In Boston for #AlignedCon, Sept. 9-11, 2015

#AlignedCon 2015 will be back in Boston’s North End, at the Battery Wharf Hotel on September 9th-11th. The conference is the first of ...

Aligned Conference brand
Ben Carcio

#AlignedCon Highlights: John Ross of PepsiCo Talks about High-Level Strategies to Engage Influencers

John Ross of PepsiCo caught everyone’s attention when he started his presentation at this year’s #AlignedCon by showing a photo...

Aligned Conference brand
Sonciary Honnoll

Trek Bicycle Wins First Ever Aligned Awards

The Aligned Awards recognizes this year’s best co-marketing campaign that effectively connects the brand with its retailers, as...

Aligned Conference brand
Anna Perko

#AlignedCon Highlights: CraveLabs, Localytics, and GoSpotCheck Talk Mobile Strategies for Retail Marketing

It was my privilege to host the Bleeding Edge: Mobile Strategies for Retail Marketing discussion panel at this year’s #AlignedCon. Our t...

Aligned Conference brand
Taylor Holm

#AlignedCon Highlights: Todd Scott from Electrolux Speaks on Navigating the Retailer Feedback Loop

It was my pleasure to introduce Todd Scott at the Aligned Conference. Todd is the Digital Retail Integration and Merchandising Manager at...

Aligned Conference brand
Sonciary Honnoll

#AlignedCon Highlights: Timberland’s Cassie Heppner Talks Re-Booting Retailer Marketing

At the 2014 #AlignedCon, Cassie Heppner, Director of North America Marketing at Timberland, shared how Timberland is taking responsibility...

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