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Jonali McFadden Promoboxx UNBOXXED: Your Yearly Activity Wrap-Up

For retailers, executing an effective social media strategy can sometimes feel like chasing smoke. With changing algorithms, new platforms, and shifting consumer behaviors, the ground beneath our digital feet can seem to be in constant flux. With Promoboxx, your steadfast ally in the storm of internet marketing, we put you – the retailer – back […]

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Jonali McFadden 4 Reasons Why Building an Asset Management System Doesn’t Work

Despite the content sprawl and lack of organization in a DAM, brands continue to throw large sums of time and resources into building internal asset management systems of their own. While these systems allow brands to provide their retailers with access to brand content, there are no other real benefits. Ultimately, they cause more harm than good.

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Alison Rancourt 4 Tips for Creating Content That Engages Local Consumers

87% of Instagram users said that they “took action” after seeing product information in their feed. This includes engagement with the post, following the brand, visiting their website, or making a purchase. This is an incredibly important statistic for a brand or retail marketer when deciding where to put their marketing dollars! The average person spends two hours a […]

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Jonali McFadden Independent Retailer Month: How Your Brand Can #BelieveInRetailers 

July is Independent Retailer Month, a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of retailers who keep our communities thriving. At Promoboxx, we believe in the power of retailers. That’s why we celebrate this month and recognize the hard work and dedication of retailers.  As a brand, you know how important it is to […]

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Ashleigh Anderson Reels are Now Supported on Promoboxx!

9:16 Reels are Now Supported on Promoboxx! You can now make your 9:16 video assets available for Instagram! Just add your 9:16 Reels assets to a campaign and be sure to make them available for Instagram. Read on for more on Instagram Reels and best practices. What are Instagram Reels? Reels is the video format […]

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Jonali McFadden 3 Tips to Spring-ify Your Social Media Strategy

Spring has sprung! Breathe new life into your social media strategy with these creative content tips. Spring Clean Your Strategy Many view springtime as a fresh start, and so should marketers. Take time to spring clean your own marketing strategy and get rid of the old tactics that no longer work. Think of your consumers […]

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Janet Comenos How Do Brands Stay Relevant To Retailers?

It’s relatively easy for brands to stay visible to retailers, but it’s much more difficult to stay relevant. Relevant means that your goals for your brand and products align with retailers’ goals to increase sales. And it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of a simple fact: your retailers carry more than just your products. They […]

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Ashleigh Anderson How to Celebrate Black History Month on Social Media

Posting about Black History Month on social media is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion while supporting Black creators, businesses, and more. Step 1: Define your purpose and goals for Black History Month social media efforts. It’s important to define your overall goals for the campaign before you begin […]

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Ashleigh Anderson Creating Reels- Best Practices

Now all uploaded videos will be fed into the Reels stream, which means they will load on Retailer follower’s feed, the Retailer’s grid, and in the Reels section of the Retailer’s IG profile. With all of those things in mind, it is important to follow best practices when creating reels for your audience. 1. Capture […]

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Ashleigh Anderson Reels Introduction

What are Instagram Reels? Reels is the video format for nearly all videos published on Instagram. Instagram launched its Reels format in 2020, mostly to compete with the fast-growing platform, TikTok. However, in July 2022, Instagram merged its standard video and Reels video formats, declaring that all videos from this point forward will be Reels. […]

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Ashleigh Anderson Celebrate the Holiday Season

With holiday retail sales reaching over $886 billion in 2021, your business cannot afford to miss out this holiday season! Try out these ideas from Constant Contact and Light Speed to create some great holiday promotions and get the word out about your products. Holiday promotion ideas to help you sell more 1. Try an early bird offer […]

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Ashleigh Anderson This Season, Think Local

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday filling up the retail calendar, sales traffic online and offline are sure to pick up as we kick-off the holiday season. Get in on the holiday action! Thanksgiving Running your own Thanksgiving promotion can offer a local alternative to a big box store for holiday shopping. Online marketing through […]

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