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Amanda McMullen 4 Ways to Fail at Retailer Engagement

As we’ve said before, effective co-marketing requires collaboration between the brand and the retailer. To forge a strong relationship with your retailers, you must engage them in the marketing process and get them excited about your brand. There are many strategies you can use to get retailers involved, but some things you choose to do […]

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Amanda McMullen Retailer Marketing Series: Krista Eliason, President of International Design Guild

To learn more about how brands are engaging their retailers in co-marketing, we spoke with Krista Eliason of International Design Guild (IDG), the only luxury flooring alliance in the United States. During the interview, Krista shed some light on her experience with co-marketing at IDG. About International Design Guild IDG is a co-operative that works […]

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Jack McDermott For Consumers, Local Just Makes Sense

In a recent article, we mentioned how brands and retailers can build a mutually-beneficial relationship through co-marketing. Since it’s the consumer’s attention they’re vying for, it’s important for both brands and retailers to understand if consumers prefer nationally localized co-marketing campaigns. The numbers are in. Consumers widely prefer the personalized nature of local advertisements compared […]

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Amanda McMullen Retailer Industry Trends and Insights

As we have said before, brand-to-retailer marketing can’t be successful without the willing participation of the retailer. To ensure that retailers get the most out of your campaigns, it’s your job to find ways to engage and motivate them. However, before you can connect with your retailers, you need to understand their perspective. The Typical […]

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Randy Murray Retailer Engagement Series (Part 2): How To Use Your Brand’s Facebook Timeline To Feature Retailers

Engaging and enlisting your retailers to take advantage of your marketing programs can be a challenge, but there are some fresh approaches that can work to get your retail base excited about your brand and your messages and programs. In Part 1 we covered how to use email digests to get retailers engaged in marketing programs. […]

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Randy Murray Retailer Engagement Series (Part 1): Leveraging Email Digests To Increase Marketing Program Participation

Cutting through the clutter of messages overwhelming retailers today can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. In this four part series we’ll cover steps that you can take right now to drive higher levels of engagement with your retailers, and hopefully, increase sales. Part 1: Leveraging Email Digests To Increase Marketing Program Participation Your retailers […]

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Randy Murray Where Can I Buy? Using Social Media to Help Consumers Find Local Retailers

Social media is all the rage, but is it paying off for local retailers? It can, especially when helped along by brands. In social media, there are actually two things going on at once: 1. Consumers are talking about the things that they buy and want to buy. 2. They’re doing this while they’re moving […]

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Amanda McMullen Preferred Marketing Channels of Retailers

Promoboxx conducted a survey to find out what advertising channels local retailers prefer to utilize. From the results of our survey, we learned that most retailers prefer websites, paid advertising, and email marketing to social media marketing on sites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, many retailers labeled social media sites as “ineffective” marketing channels. With the popularity of social […]

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Randy Murray QR Codes (Part 2): Use QR Codes To Drive On-The-Spot Sales For Retailers

QR codes are a great way to provide shoppers with more information than you have room to display in stores. But can brands use them to help drive sales to retailers? They can, if done right (and far too many brands are doing it wrong). In part 1 of this article: QR Codes—What Are They And Should I Use […]

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Amanda McMullen Lessons From Record Store Day

In a recent post, we discussed how consumers are moving away from the cookie-cutter products of yesterday in favor of brands that provide them with unique, personalized experiences. One of the greatest examples of this phenomenon is Record Store Day, an annual event on the third Saturday in April in which independently owned record stores […]

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Randy Murray QR Codes (Part 1): What Are They & Should I Use Them?

Manufacturers and vendors seem to be attaching those little black and white pixilated squares on everything. There was one on a ketchup bottle that sat on the diner table at lunch today. But do real people, consumers, actually using these things? Do QR codes work? And can they work for your brand’s stores? Those are some big questions […]

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Amanda McMullen Brand-To-Retailer Marketing Channel Insights

Last month, Ben shared one of the biggest objections manufacturing brands have when it comes to co-marketing with their retailers: that retailers won’t use the marketing tools they are given. It’s time to put this objection aside and start believing in the power of the local retailer. If a marketing platform is effective and easy to use, local retailers […]

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