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Jonali McFadden Browse Dozens of Extra Brand-Approved Posts with Recommended National Content

Choose, customize, and share even more brand content! Looking for even more brand-approved content to customize for your local audience? Check out the Recommended National Content tab on Promoboxx! Recommended National Content allows retailers to customize and share content that has been promoted on a brand’s national Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.  This means […]

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Jonali McFadden Connect Your National Brand Channels with Content Discovery

Announcing New Improvements to our Content Discovery Feature Give your retailers access to even more brand-approved posts with Content Discovery! Content Discovery connects retailers to your national brand channels allowing retailers to customize and share content that has been promoted on a your national Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.  With Content Discovery, retailers can […]

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Jonali McFadden Introducing the New Retailer Wallet: Your Ticket to More Flexible Advertising!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest update to Promoboxx Paid Ads: Retailer Wallet. This game-changing feature is designed to give busy retailers greater flexibility and control over their business’s advertising efforts. With Retailer Wallet, you can claim campaign-specific funds directly from your brands. Whether you’re looking to promote a seasonal sale or […]

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Jonali McFadden Promoboxx Co-Op is transforming the way brands and retailers advertise together at a local level. 

Brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving engagement and sales. Brands have important resources that many retailers may not: budget, reach, and advertising expertise. And retailers have a direct, personal connection with the local consumers who actually buy the product.  Brands and retailers communicate to the same consumer, but often with […]

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Ashleigh Anderson Reels are Now Supported on Promoboxx!

9:16 Reels are Now Supported on Promoboxx! You can now make your 9:16 video assets available for Instagram! Just add your 9:16 Reels assets to a campaign and be sure to make them available for Instagram. Read on for more on Instagram Reels and best practices. What are Instagram Reels? Reels is the video format […]

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Ashleigh Anderson They are Reel-y here!

You can now post Instagram Reels through Promoboxx! Instagram Reels are the new hit of the popular social media platform and the opportunities are endless. All videos uploaded to Instagram will now also be visible as Reels. Include Instagram video content in your campaigns to take advantage of this functionality! Why should you create reels? With […]

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Kelly Sonnenshein New Feature: Tweet Uniqueness Scoring

Authenticity – many of us crave it, but it’s not easy to find. Fake product reviews and knock-off products surround us. In fact, 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.1 Twitter recently made policy changes that demanded more authenticity, preventing multiple accounts from posting the same or […]

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Mark DiAntonio Announcing New State of the Art Infrastructure

On the Promoboxx Engineering team, we’re always focused on improving workflow, performance, and execution within the platform. It is important to brands that they have a high-performing platform that makes it easy and effective for retailers to log in and share digital marketing campaigns. It is important to retailers that they have access to a […]

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Johanna Fiedler New Feature Alert!
Campaign Tagging & Search by Tag

Retailers and brands are strapped for time – so being able to find content quickly is incredibly important. Promoboxx has released a feature to make categorizing and searching for content simple. Login to Promoboxx to check it out! Fast and Easy Content Searching for Retailers Retailers are often juggling many responsibilities and do not have […]

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Evan Brett New Feature Alert!
Promoboxx Retail Marketing Calendar

The holidays are here – we give thanks, we eat turkey, we wrap presents. We have a whole lot to be grateful for.  But, as marketers and business owners, this is undoubtedly the craziest time of year for us all! It’s the height of consumer retail spending, and it’s budgeting season. We have to tactically […]

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Evan Brett Promoboxx Landing Pages:
Mobile-First, Easy to Use, and Designed to Convert

Marketers, meet your new best friend. Promoboxx Landing Pages are easy to use, designed to convert, and ready for you now. Really… Login to your Promoboxx account, they’re there!  In this post, we’ll tell you all about Landing Pages features, how easy they are to deploy, and how they are designed to help retailers engage […]

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Natalie Giulianelli Local Ads Update Turns Social Media Video Views into In-Store Sales

We’re excited to announce a new feature in Local Ads that allows you to place a call-to-action button directly on your Facebook video ads! Now you and your retailers will drive leads and in-store sales through videos on Facebook with ads that are pre-optimized for conversion from the very start. Consumers are approximately 10 times […]

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