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Andrew Glenn

Trek Bicycle Provides Retailers with Local Mobile Ads to Reach New Customers

“I can’t sell you this bike.” Trek’s Retail Marketing Manager, Jeremy McKinley, set the stage during his...

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Sonciary Honnoll

Trek Bicycle Wins First Ever Aligned Awards

The Aligned Awards recognizes this year’s best co-marketing campaign that effectively connects the brand with its retailers, as...

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Ben Carcio

Co-Op Advertising Is Walking Dead

Co-op advertising is broken. Independent retailers need a better, easier way to obtain marketing support from the brands whose products...

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Emma Bisogno

Brand-To-Retail Collaboration Series: How 3M and Mohawk Collaborated With Their Retailers To Amplify Their Digital Presence

3M and Mohawk are both large manufacturing brands that pride themselves on driving innovation, while staying true to their deep roots. 3M...

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