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Tyler Cumella

Brands Turn to Brick-and-Mortars Amidst Retail Disruption

To preserve their image and take back control of business objectives, brands are beginning to pull their products out of large e-commerce...

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Tyler Cumella

Summer Reading to Inspire Your Local Retail Marketing Strategy

Summer is here, and we’re officially halfway through 2016! Even while we enjoy the beautiful weather and long vacations of summer, it’s ...

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Tyler Cumella

5 Ways Top Brands Are Striking Gold with Retailer Data

Are you leveraging retailer data to hone in on local opportunities and optimize for success? If not, you’re not alone. The reality is...

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Kelly Sonnenshein

Retailer Support Keeps New Balance One Step Ahead [Interview]

New Balance is always working to keep the world around us moving forward. First through their products and now through their innovative...

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Tyler Cumella

Over 40% of Top Specialty Running Shops in the U.S. Use Promoboxx

Running Insight Magazine recently released its annual list of the top 50 specialty running stores in the U.S. We congratulate these...

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Tyler Cumella

Marathon Sports Sets the Pace for the Boston Marathon [Interview]

Welcome to Retailers Rule!, the interview series that shares key retailer insights into digital marketing that help them better connect and ...

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Tyler Cumella

Outdoor Industry Cuts a Path for Specialty Retailer Digital Support

The state of retail is in flux, with e-commerce on the rise and big-box chains on an increasingly noticeable decline. For brands, this...

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Tyler Cumella

3 Reasons Digital Asset Management Platforms Are Failing Brands & Local Retailers

Whether internally built or provided by a third party like Dropbox or Widen, digital asset management (DAM) platforms are failing both the ...

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Ben Carcio

Striving for Innovation, Together: Join Us at the 3rd Annual Aligned Conference!

The Aligned Conference is back for year three! This time, we’ll be making the move to District Hall in Boston’s Innovation District....

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