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Evan Brett World’s Longest Receipt Discovered in Boston, MA

The other night, I went to one of my favorite local shops to buy some gift wrap. They had closed early for the day, so instead, I stopped by CVS on my way home. Check out the size of this receipt… for a single roll of wrapping paper! This was such a simple, passing moment. […]

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Evan Brett Why Promoboxxers Shop Local

At Promoboxx, we believe in retailers. If you read our blog regularly, you probably know that by now. We take a retailer-first approach to everything we do, and sometimes that means an impromptu Slack chat on why we shop local over big box! Check out some of our responses… Better customer service They are more […]

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Evan Brett When Local Advertising Matters, We’ve Got Your Back

Consumers today are digital, and they expect to be able to engage with a brand or a store on their phones, on-the-go, whenever the need is there. Local advertising is a powerful way to reach customers, but it needs to be simple and fast in order for retailers to justify the investment in staff and […]

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Evan Brett It’s Official: Campaign Builder Puts 10+ Days Back in Your Pocket

Back in January, we released some major platform improvements to help you save a ton of time, while also improving retailer support, through Promoboxx Campaign Builder. Marketers are under tremendous pressure to get more done — and show a higher ROI — with fewer resources and less budget. With this release, we committed to making […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke In-Store Events Position You and Your Retailers as Part of a Community

What would make you want to go shopping at a local store instead of online? An enjoyable shopping experience can be the single largest differentiator between online and offline shopping. Retailers who provide not only one-of-a-kind service but also host events that bring like-minded people together position their store as a part of their community. […]

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Evan Brett Introducing Promoboxx Assets

Promoboxx Assets launching April 2nd to save retailers from DAMs! Spring has sprung, and so have we… The Promoboxx team is hard at work and excited to share that we have a release date for our newest feature. With Promoboxx Assets, brands can assemble, organize, and share downloadable content and media out to their local […]

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Evan Brett Real-Time Local Marketing that Delivers Real-Time Results [Product Sneak Peek]

New and improved Promoboxx Landing Pages! There really is nothing like walking into my local store, being greeted by name, and asked if I’ve finished my renovation project (spoiler: I haven’t). My retailer gets me, and at Promoboxx, we want every consumer to have that type of personal, feel-good experience every time they step into […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke Local Advertising is Essential to Brand and Retail Success

Brands are missing out on a huge opportunity if they aren’t investing in local advertising to drive foot traffic to their independent retailers. Every year, people tune into the Super Bowl to catch some football – and feast on the creative ads from well-known brands. The Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. “Dirty Dancing” ad […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke Armstrong Flooring Elevates Local Marketing with Promoboxx Partnership

Armstrong Flooring, North America’s largest producer of wood and resilient flooring products, has partnered with Promoboxx, and all of us here at Promoboxx couldn’t be more excited! This is the largest retailer participation from a single brand in Promoboxx company history. This year, Armstrong Flooring is taking their local marketing to a whole new level […]

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Ben Carcio Amazon is Good for My Toilet Paper

With Boston confirmed as a contender for Amazon HQ2, the e-commerce giant has been on my mind a lot lately. (For the record, I believe that Amazon HQ2 would make it harder for Boston startups to innovate, and to attract and retain talent.) I’ll admit, I’m an Amazon Prime member. I use Amazon, a bunch. […]

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Ben Carcio Boston Doesn’t Need Amazon HQ2

Like so many US cities, Boston is pushing hard to be selected for Amazon’s new headquarters, dubbed Amazon HQ2. This well-intentioned effort is filled with special incentives, but that’s nothing compared to what we’re really putting at risk: our most precious natural resource: our brains. Amazon HQ2 would make it harder for Boston startups to […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke How to Make Retailers a Part of Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram, the mobile-sharing social platform with over 800 million users and 500 million daily active users, is taking local marketing by storm. Its simplicity and engaging use of imagery make it a great platform for any retailer interested in standing out and attracting customers. As social media continues to have impacts on consumer shopping behaviors, […]

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