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Ben Carcio Stop Scaring Your Retailers with Outdated, Nightmare-Inducing Co-Op Advertising

Halloween is here, but you should really leave the scare tactics to the haunted houses. Traditional co-op advertising programs are so outdated and inefficient that trying to implement them feels like trying to revive the dead. What is Co-op Advertising? Many national brands create a co-op account for each of their retailers. In each account, […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke Achieve Brand Consistency: 6 Tips to Help Your Retailers Stay On Brand

Consumers that view a thematic message across multiple channels increase their intent to purchase by 90% and improve their perception of that brand by 68% (Source: IAB). Brand consistency is very important to consumers today. Customers are more likely to recognize a brand if all of the messaging they see surrounding that brand and its […]

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Kim Lombard Announcing Local Ads Credits: Transform Your Digital Co-Op Advertising Strategy

For many brand and retail marketers, achieving marketing alignment and sales through their local retail channel are difficult challenges. Traditionally, co-op advertising programs have tried to align the national-to-local message between brands and retailers, but have failed. Why? Marketing budget dollars go unspent, digital program offerings are weak, retailers have to take time away from […]

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Isolde Decker-Lucke New and Improved Mobile App for Retailers [Product Update]

Updated June 29, 2017 Promoboxx has released a new and improved mobile app for iOS and Android to help simplify and streamline the content-sharing process for retailers. The new app will enable retailers to share brand content and campaigns on the go through their phones. Overview of Mobile App for iOS and Android: -Retailer desktop […]

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Tyler Cumella Two Reasons Why You May Be Failing to Engage Retailers

National brands and local retailers can be a powerful duo for driving sales; the trouble is that many brands struggle with creating top-down connection and alignment. One of the main obstacles here are the failures of broken, out-of-date processes like co-op advertising and digital asset management systems (DAMs). DAMs and Co-Op Programs Fail to Engage […]

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Tyler Cumella Create Instagram Ads That Drive In-Store Foot Traffic

With a community of more than 500 million, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms. It has proven to be particularly effective in the world of local retail, allowing small businesses to share stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment while also driving specific actions with their ads. […]

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Tyler Cumella Mizuno & Fleet Feet Use Facebook Ads to Inspire Local Communities [Case Study]

For its community-focused The Power of Running campaign, Mizuno wanted to raise awareness for the powerful initiative in local markets among running enthusiasts. By utilizing Promoboxx Local Ads, Mizuno did just that, partnering with Fleet Feet stores to target qualified local customers with highly relevant Facebook ads on mobile devices. Mizuno and Fleet Feet Partner […]

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Ben Carcio Promoboxx Announces “Fee-Free” Digital Ads for Local Retailers

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, Promoboxx is excited to announce that we will be further supporting small businesses by waiving management fees for digital ads placed by local retailers (normally 10%) on the Promoboxx platform from November 21-26. Small Business Saturday: Creating Greater Awareness for Local Retailers Small Business Saturday has a special significance […]

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Tyler Cumella 4 Secrets to Running Paid Ads with Your Local Retailers

Are your retailers asking how you’re going to help them drive foot traffic to their stores? You’re not alone. We asked brand experts from GE Appliances, Shaw Floors, and Cargill how they team up with retail partners to run localized advertising campaigns to stay in front of both new and existing customers. Brand Experts: Gina Thesing, Brand […]

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Tyler Cumella The Top Digital Campaigns Showcasing Brands and Local Retailers

Leading brands across industries like New Balance, Chevrolet, GE Appliances, Mohawk Flooring, and Trek Bikes know what it takes to support their local retail partners with digital marketing, which is why they were among the best of the best showcased by the 2016 Aligned Awards. If you want to inspire the way your brand supports and […]

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Tyler Cumella Mohawk Flooring Earns Accolades for Retailer Digital Marketing Support

We are very happy to announce that Mohawk Flooring has been chosen as the winner of the 3rd annual Aligned Awards for its highly impactful Love Your Floor Sale campaign, recognizing their efforts to help local retailers drive increased foot traffic and in-store sales through digital marketing support. As a key part of the Aligned Conference, […]

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Tyler Cumella New Balance Drives In-Store Sales at Fleet Feet Locations [Case Study]

Linking digital marketing to sales is always much easier said than done. For its Fresh Foam Vongo campaign, New Balance did just that, increasing foot traffic and in-store sales of shoes by running targeted Facebook mobile News Feed ads with Fleet Feet retailers using Promoboxx Local Ads. New Balance Helps Retailers Turn Digital Traffic into […]

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